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Subject: RE: The DSSSList Digest V1 #225
From: MARK.WROTH@xxxxxxxxxxx (WROTH, MARK B)
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 06:42:42 -0800
	Some quasi-random comments with respect to
> The DSSSList Digest      Monday, February 9 1998      Volume 01 :
> Number 225
> "D. Michael McFarland" <mcfarlan@xxxxxxxx> (">", replying to 
> Paul Prescod, who wrote (">>":
	>>I don't know a lot about TeX packaging. I'm wondering if there
is a way
	>>to make a single package file that includes everything JadeTex
	>>upon. I wouldn't personally care if it was 500K or 5MB if it
allowed me
	>>to set up a system without chasing all over the Internet and
	>>cryptic commands. Of course for the TeX experts a "standalone"
	>>would probably continue to be most appropriate. But I think
that there
	>>are a lot of mere mortals who just want to print on Unix and
	>>rather spend an afternoon downloading redundant code in the
	>>rather than actively chasing down components.

	>I started this thread with my question about a JadeTeX error,
to which
	>Sebastian's response, essentially "upgrade hyperref", was just
what I
	>needed to hear.  I must admit, though, that to those who want
to use
	>TeX only as a back end to jade it might have seemed terse.

	>know where I would have found this basic information.  As I
suspect we
	>too often do, I assumed there was some fundamental piece of
	>documentation everyone but me knew about, so I beat my head on
	>installation longer than I'd like to admit.  If anyone can
assure me
	>that no detailed JadeTeX installation instructions exist,
perhaps I'll
	>try to put something together--a "JadeTeX HOWTO", if you will.

I think that would be an excellent thing to have; I'm reasonably
familiar with TeX and its variants,
and hit several blank walls in trying to bring up JadeTeX.  The culprit
ultimately was a missing package
two or three layers down, but I had to appeal for help from the author
to find it (which, I'm happy to
say, he provided quickly and correctly).

	>Please note that I don't mean this to be critical of JadeTeX in
	>way; I'm very glad to have it available.  I'd like to make it
	>accessible to my colleagues, who are just coming to realize the
	>limitations of MS Word.

I second this

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