Re: jade (v1.0.92) & before-row-border

Subject: Re: jade (v1.0.92) & before-row-border
From: Tony Graham <tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 20:20:03 -0500 (EST)
At 17 Feb 1998 17:32 -0600, Glenn R. Kronschnabl wrote:
 > I am using xslj (0.4) ->jade (1.0.92)
 > And I have something like:
 >   <table space-before="36pt"
 >          before-row-border="true"
 >           etc
 > which gets translated into the .dsl file as:
 > (make table
 > space-before: "36pt"
 > before-row-border: "true"
 >    etc
 > The problem is jade won't except the value specified for before-row-border and 
 > I can't figure out what jade wants.  Here is the error message:
 > /opt/depot/jade_for_xslj/bin/jade:./xml/grk-rtf.dsl:131:19:E: invalid value 
 > for "before-row-border" characteristic
 > I have tried many variations; here are some:
 > before-row-border: 't
 > before-row-border: "#t"
 > before-row-border: true
 > before-row-border: "'t"
 > before-row-border: 1
 > before-row-border: "yes"
 > etc
 > but none of them work.  Has anybody else seen this problem?

before-row-border may have the values #f, #t, or an unlabelled
sosofo.  A correct specification is:

before-row-border: #t

I suspect you have found an xslj bug.  The Jade stylesheet should not
have the quotes around the #t.

If you're having troubling finding out about flow objects and their
characteristics, the dsssl-o specifications contain easy-to-read
tables of flow object characteristics and their values.  The last such
specification, which was no longer called dsssl-o, is at

NOTE-XSL is actually silent on what constitutes a true or false value,
but a quick examination of "Cascading Style Sheets - Designing for the
Web" also doesn't show any properties with true or false values so
there appears no problem with using DSSSL's #f and #t (apart from the
quotes added by xslj).

This, strictly speaking, is an XSL-related post since it's probably of
more interest to those interested in XSL but not DSSSL than it is to
those interested in DSSSL but not XSL.  By that yardstick, any further
discussion of xslj or xslj+Jade should take place on the XSL-List.
There are plenty of people subscribing to both lists, so this sort of
question could also be answered there.


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