Beta of DocBook 1.08

Subject: Beta of DocBook 1.08
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:04:27 -0500
Hello world,

I've put a beta of the DocBook 1.08 stylesheets up at

(There are no links to it, so you'll have to grab it directly.)

It is very likely that this version will break existing
customization layers, so don't install it over top of your 1.07
distribution unless you're feeling very lucky.

Most of the %gentext-*% parameters are now (gentext-*)
functions.  It is possible to build a version of the stylesheet
that does not support multiple languages by fiddling with some
parameter entities, but that's not documented anywhere: look at

In my limited tests, this version seems to correctly support
multiple languages simultaneously.  There are three parameters,
currently in the dbl10n.dsl file in the common directory, that
control localization:

(define %default-language% "usen")

Specifies the language to use if nothing is specified.

(define %gentext-language% #f)

If specified, all gentext will use the specified language.

(define %gentext-use-xref-lang% #f)

If specified, gentext in xrefs will be in the language of the
xref target rather than the language of the current context. 

If you give 1.08b1 a try, please report both successes and


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