Re: SGML and Forms

Subject: Re: SGML and Forms
From: "Mitch C. Amiano" <amiamc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 12:29:20 -0500
One option is to store the information content (that which is percieved
as information by the users) as SGML, and use DTD's and style sheet
mechnaisms to drive the creation of forms on the fly. The DTD provides
the structure for the content (of course... the point is that it has
nothing specific to the presentation of a form), and the style sheets
generate the presentation-specific interface constructs. The devil will
be in the details, though, especially if you get too picky on
replicating the exact look of current printed forms.

Any sgml-aware filtering/transformation program with a good programming
interface could be used, including Jade. I'm currently working on an
in-house project to do something similar, providing HTML forms as a
front-end to view and edit 'part profile' documents, which are actually
stored as SGML. Javascript and a Java based XML parser can play an
important part as well.

Kendall G. Clark wrote:
> Does anyone have a robust solution for dealing with Forms as SGML. I'm
> working for a client whose HR documents we're converting to DocBook (using
> Jade, DSSSL, JadeTeX, and Linux).
> They have a large number of forms that they would like us to include
> within the document management system we're designing.
> I can't decide to save my life how to store FORMS in SGML in such a way as
> to make print and HTML generation sane and relatively painless.
> Has anybody done anything like this?
> I'd kill for some suggestions or tips or even notes about software
> packages, commercial or otherwise, which are suited to handle forms in
> Thanks.
> Kendall Clark
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