DD: Source links

Subject: DD: Source links
From: "Pawson, David" <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 08:43:07 -0000
The following list was posted to comp.text.sgml this week.

As source material, perhaps urls might provide a
reading list for other newbies to the group?

If the authors (or others) would mail me url's I will repost the
completed list back to Tony for possible inclusion in the
DD, or at ensure they are appropriately marked in the archive?

regards, DaveP

  A Tutorial Introduction to SGMl Architectures(W. Eliot Kimber)
    SGML Document Management(W. Eliot Kimber)
    ISOGEN DSSSL Specification Architecture(W. Eliot Kimber)
    An Approach to Literate Programming With SGML Architectures(W. Eliot
    Property Sets and Groves(W. Eliot Kimber)
    Is DSSSL Hard?(Paul Prescod)
    ABCs of DSSSL(Sharon Adler, Anders Berglund, James Clark)
    Strategies for DSSSL Code Reuse(Paul Prescod, Michael MaCool)
    Using SGML on the Web(Hans C. Arents)
    Introduction to DSSSL(Paul Prescod)
    DSSSL, the promise FOSI did not fulfill(Raf Schietekat)
    The Case for DSSSL Online (dsssl-o)(Jon Bosak)
    A tutorial on DSSSL(Daniel M. Germ)

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