Subject: Quotes
From: stephenng@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 11:40:29 +0000
I'm kind of new to SGML, DSSSL and Jade, so this may be a newbie 

I'm transforming SGML to HTML, using Jade and its -t SGML option.  
I'd like to put quotes in my output, because I'm trying to create 
a FrontPage WebBot.  I've tried defining and using an &quot entity, 
but Jade seems to keep interpreting it.  How should I do this?

The FrontPage WebBot syntax I am trying to emit is:

<!--WEBBOT bot="mybotname" -->

This is problematic because it needs the less than and greater than 
signs, and the quotes.

I can get everything but the quotes if I do:

(make formatting-instruction data:"&lt;!--WEBBOT bot=")

But when I throw in &quot, jade complains:
"content expression cannot be specified in make expression for atomic 
flow object class "empty-element""


Stephen Ng

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