Re:Color and font size of cells within a table

Subject: Re:Color and font size of cells within a table
From: "Jordi Mulet" <jmulet@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 20:01:01 +0100
Hello ,
Thanks for your answer.
We have modified the let syntax and now jade doesn't give us any
message....but the formating doesn't work.
We have defined a DSSSL color space in our modified style-sheet and we have
modified the color of sections and others titles, and also all the color of
a table, but we haven't modified the font and color of particular cells.
We markup:
<entry><?cell-size 4pt><?cell-color red-color>
   <para> Here the content</para>
with any error but none modifications.

2. <?cell-size 4pt><?cell-color red-color>
       <para> Here the content</para>
     with  an error  " 2nd argument with primitive ancestor...."

Thanks for your help,
Good weekend !

Editorial Praxis

Our modified style-sheet is now:
<!DOCTYPE style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN" [
<!ENTITY docbook.dsl SYSTEM "docbook.dsl" CDATA DSSSL>
<!--<!ENTITY docbook.dsl PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook Print
Stylesheet//EN" CDATA DSSSL>-->
<style-specification id="docbook-plain" use="docbook">
;; $Id: plain.dsl 1.1 1998/02/15 22:38:07 nwalsh Exp $
;; This file is part of the Modular DocBook Stylesheet distribution.
;; See ../README or
;; Example of a customization layer on top of the modular docbook style
;; sheet.  Definitions inserted in this file take precedence over
;; definitions in the 'use'd stylesheet(s).
; Definition of color space
(define *rgb-color-space*
  (color-space "ISO/IEC 10179:1996//Color-Space Family::Device RGB"))
(define *midnight-blue-color*
  (color *rgb-color-space* (/ 25 255) (/ 25 255) (/ 112 255)))
(define *sea-green-color*
  (color *rgb-color-space* (/ 46 255) (/ 139 255) (/ 87 255)))
(define *red-color*
  (color *rgb-color-space* (/ 255 255) (/ 0 255) (/ 0 255)))

(define %generate-toc% #f)
(define %generate-lot-list% '())
(define %generate-titlepage% #f)
(define %chapter-autolabel% #f)
(define %spacing-paras% #t) ;; per estudiar en diferents browsers.Teniem f
(define %default-quadding% 'justify)
(define %chap-app-running-heads%  #f)
(define %chap-app-running-head-autolabel% #f)
(define %component-title-quadding% 'center)
(define %component-subtitle-quadding%  'center)
(define %body-start-indent% 1pi)
(define %smaller-size-factor%  0.7)
(define %verbatim-size-factor% 0.7) ;; era 0.9

;; Returns the value of the (?piname value) PI (if one exists)
;; as a child of component, otherwise returns #f
(define (pi-value component piname)
  (let loop ((nl (children component)))
    (if (node-list-empty? nl)
(if (and (equal? (node-property 'class-name (node-list-first nl)) 'pi)
   (> (string-length (node-property 'system-data
        (node-list-first nl)))
      (string-length piname))
   (equal? piname
    (substring (node-property 'system-data
         (node-list-first nl))
        0 (string-length piname))))
     (substring (node-property 'system-data (node-list-first nl))
         (+ (string-length piname) 1)
   (node-property 'system-data (node-list-first nl))))
     (loop (node-list-rest nl))))))

(define (inherited-pi-value component piname)
  (let loop ((value #f) (nd component))
    (if (or value (node-list-empty? nd))
(loop (pi-value nd piname) (parent nd)))))
; These are the definitions of  pi-font-size and pi-font-color
(define ($pi-font-size$)
  (let ((fontsize (inherited-pi-value (current-node) "cell-size")))
      (if fontsize
(define ($pi-font-color$)
  (let ((fontcolor (inherited-pi-value (current-node) "cell-color")))
      (if fontcolor
; End of definitions of pi-font-size and pi-font-color

;; This list provides the mapping that would ordinarily be supplied
;; by the element construction rules.  If the block element "FOO"
;; occurs inside a table cell, use the $process-foo$ function to
;; process it's _contents_:
(define %cell-block-element-list%
  `(;; ("FOO" . ,$process-foo$)
    ("PARA" . ,$process-cell-para-contents$)
; Here we redefine the code with the help of Norman
(define ($process-cell-para-contents$ para colnum align body)
  (let ((font-name (case body
       (("THEAD") %title-font-family%)
       (("TFOOT") %title-font-family%)
       (else  %body-font-family%)))
(weight    (case body
       (("THEAD") 'bold)
       (("TFOOT") 'bold)
       (else  'medium))))

; lets of fontsize and fontcolor
(let ((fontsize ($pi-font-size$) )
    (fontcolor($pi-font-color$)  )     )
;        (%factor% (if %verbatim-size-factor%
;                      %verbatim-size-factor%
;                      1.0)))  )
; end of lets
    (make paragraph
      font-family-name: font-name
      font-weight: weight
;      font-size: (* (inherited-font-size) %factor%)
       font-size: (if fontsize fontsize (inherited-font-size))
;       font-size: 18pt
; This is commented for de problems with the DSSSL color spaces
     ; color: (if fontcolor fontcolor (*midnight-blue-color*))
      color: *midnight-blue-color*
      quadding: align
      (process-node-list (children para) ) ) ) ) )
                                            ; ) )

; This is the code for title of section ( modified for the color)
(define ($section-title$)
  (let* ((sect (current-node))
  (info ($section-info$))
  (exp-children (if (node-list-empty? info)
      (expand-children (children info) '("BOOKBIBLIO"
  (parent-titles (select-elements (children sect) "TITLE"))
  (info-titles   (select-elements exp-children "TITLE"))
  (titles        (if (node-list-empty? parent-titles)
  (subtitles     (select-elements exp-children "SUBTITLE"))
  (renderas (inherited-attribute-string "renderas" sect))
  (hlevel                          ;; the apparent section level;
   (if renderas                    ;; if a rendering is selected
       ($section-hlevel$ renderas) ;;   use it
       (SECTLEVEL)))               ;; else use the real level
         (hs (HSIZE (- 2 hlevel))))
    (make sequence
      (make paragraph
        color: *red-color*
font-family-name: %title-font-family%
font-weight:  (if (< hlevel 5) 'bold 'medium)
font-posture: (if (< hlevel 5) 'upright 'italic)
font-size: hs
line-spacing: (* hs %line-spacing-factor%)
space-before: (* hs %head-before-factor%)
space-after: (if (node-list-empty? subtitles)
    (* hs %head-after-factor%)
start-indent: (if (or (>= hlevel 3)
         (member (gi) '("REFSECT1"
first-line-start-indent: 0pt
quadding: %section-title-quadding%
keep-with-next?: #t
;; heading-level: (+ hlevel 1)
;; SimpleSects are never AUTO numbered...they aren't hierarchical
(if (string=? (element-label (current-node)) "")
     (literal (element-label (current-node))
       (gentext-label-title-sep (gi sect))))
(element-title-sosofo (current-node)))
      (with-mode section-title-mode
(process-node-list subtitles)))))

<external-specification id="docbook" document="docbook.dsl">
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