RE: Table Problems - Def List Instead?

Subject: RE: Table Problems - Def List Instead?
From: Yan Sorkin <Yan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 21:30:18 +0200
Try to use paragraph with hanging indent:

     (make paragraph
            start-indent: 90pt
            end-indent:   0pt
            first-line-start-indent: -80pt
            (make line-field
                 field-width: 80pt
                 field-align: 'start
                 (literal (inherited-attribute-string "NAME")))

-- note equal values of first-line-start-indent and field-width.
	<DESCR>Big Building Downtown</DESCR>
	<DESCR>123 4th St. </DESCR>
	<DESCR>Chicago, IL 21212</DESCR>

I didn't test it, but... something like that should work (example taken
from working code).


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	Subject:	Table Problems - Def List Instead?

	I'm having trouble making elements format properly within
tables.  They
	don't. I would prefer making this feature work, but need to make
	ANYthing work right now.

	I would like to be able to format a "Definition List" to perform
	same tasks.  The format would have a line (or lines) on the left
	and a definition on the right side.  For example:

	Claim Office:          INSCO Claim Office
	                       Big Building Downtown
	                       123 4th St.
	                       Chicago, IL 21212

	Service Support        INSCO Service Support Office
	                       Same Place as Before

	Has anyone created a way to do this?  Is there an example I

	...Chuck Darney

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