"Usage" in DSSSL Examples

Subject: "Usage" in DSSSL Examples
From: Richard.Hirsch@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 09:17:07 +0100

I have another recommendation regarding the DSSSL Documenation
Project - especially in the  Procedures Library Section.
 Would it be possible to have a section of how to use each
procedure. A "Usage" section would give beginners a better
understanding about how one might use such procedures
in a typical DSSSL file.  One idea would be to use a simple DTD
and SGML file as a foundation for such examples. The procedure
'node-list-some?' looks interesting but I have no idea how I would
use it (syntax, etc.).  The Core Expression Language Tutorial does
a great job of providing examples as well as explanations.  


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