Control position of tables

Subject: Control position of tables
From: "Jordi Mulet" <jmulet@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 17:08:11 +0200
We have controlled the position of the table inside the page with a PI
inside the INFORMALTABLE tag that controls the total width of the table,
using OMLE ( <200 instructions) to calculate the sum of colwidths
Next, with a customization of the stylesheet, I catched the PI and next I
formatted the table output with the display-group rule.

Here the instance:

    <?width 330pt>                    ; 330 is the sum of colwidths
        <tgroup>........ </tgroup>
    <?width 200pt>

Here  the customized style-sheet :

(define ($pi-widthtable$ informaltable)
  (let ((widthtable (pi-value informaltable "width")))
      (if widthtable
      (measurement-to-length widthtable)

  (let ((widthtable ($pi-widthtable$ (current-node) )
  (make display-group
     start-indent: (if widthtable (/ (- %text-width% widthtable) 2 )
                        (/ (- %text-width% inherited-start-indent) 2)  )
    space-before: %block-sep%
    space-after: %block-sep%

I know that surely it isn't the "best" and "correct" solution but for now it
What is your opinion ?
Next we will try to modificate its

Jordi Mulet
Editorial Praxis S.A

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