Production notes (Tables and Document Fragment)

Subject: Production notes (Tables and Document Fragment)
From: Antoine Perier <a_perier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 10:44:43 +0200
Testing jade and some *ML/*SL couples for database publishing purpose, I
have some questions related to the actual/future orientation of this
very good tool.

What is the status of the HTMLTBL.DSL stylesheet written by Chris Maden:

   - HTML 4 DTD for tables is still the DTD that will be supported by
XML applications ?
   - Is the stylesheet will be enhance for better support for printing
long tables (unbreakable TBODY) ?

   - RTF does not support real TFOOT like FrameMaker (will Microsoft
support that in the future ?)

Another issue in database publishing tasks. A fragment of document can
be produced by jade and managed by the software (like Winword). In that
case we lost the autonumbering facilities or the capacity to generate a
table of content with the software. Does someone have an idea ?



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