short-term DSSSL work, off-site

Subject: short-term DSSSL work, off-site
From: Kendall Clark <kendall@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 20:04:56 -0500

My company is using Jade/JadeTeX/Norm's Style Sheets to do some
SGML work for a client. We've already commissioned improvements
to Jade/JadeTeX to mature the table support.

Thanks to Paul Prescod and his programming partner, and also to
Sebastian Rahtz, table support should be working in the next
month or so. All the code is, of course, GPLed.

Now we need to find someone to do some DSSSL modifications to
Norm's Style Sheets; some moderate changes to the HTML sheets,
and some extensive mods to the print sheets.

We basically have a comp document that our DTP department design-
ed, and that I fought them to simplify so that we could use
SGML/DSSSL w/out major pain.

We will pay competitive rates but we insist that the resulting
work product by GPLed and released to the free/open source
software communities. We'd like to see the resulting style 
sheets used in several free/open source software projects,
including Debian, Gnome, and Casbah.

If you're interested please email or call me:


We're in Dallas (CST) and off-site work is perfectly accept-


	Kendall Clark

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