Convert SGML-File to HTML-Tree using jade

Subject: Convert SGML-File to HTML-Tree using jade
From: "Juliane Harbarth" <jhb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 14:07:21 +0100
Using jade (1.1), I managed to convert an SGML-File that is an instance of a
DTD to multiple HTML-Files. The SGML is divided into a 'main' HTML-File (the
one that
is mentioned behind the '>'-sign when calling jade) and many subordinary
The subordinary files contain the SGML-document's chapters. The 'main' file
nothing but a list of links towards these chapters (besides some header and
Although these HTMLs already form a kind of tree (you enter via the
'main'-page and
reach the others from there) the filestructure is flat. All the HTMLs are
contained in the
same directory, i.e. the one jade is running in. What I really want is a
conversion that
results in a tree of HTML-Files. That includes creating directories and
storing HTMLs in

Regardless of the the structure of the resulting HTMLs, I have a problem
links. This especially concerns those links that are internal regarding the
but are broken when the linkstart and the linkend are put into different

Please find attached an excerpt of the style sheet. The first comment is the
content model copied from the DTD. As you see, every instance of DIV1
results in an
own HTML-File and a reference towards it in the 'main' HTML. The contents of
the link,
i.e. what is surrounded by the <a>-Tag, is derived from the DIV1's
ID-attribute. The name
of the HTML-to be is a substring of the DIV's title.

Is there any experience out there, concerning this kind of conversion ?
Do I require additional means, e.g. a Perl script ?
Any ideas ?

Juliane Harbarth
Technical Consultant
Software AG Germany

Tel +49 (0)6151 92 1147

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