Re: How can i use paragraph color ?

Subject: Re: How can i use paragraph color ?
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 01:00:15 -0500 (CDT)
Jun Seong Hak said:
> I am a beginner of DSSSL.
> I have some questions.
> Q1) I would like to use blue color to all p element.
> In SGML Document :
> <p> text..... </p>
> In DSSSL file :
> (element p
>     (make paragraph
> 	space-before : 6p))
   Can't really help here, though I think you'd need to declare the
color space (RGB) using (color-space ...), then use that in a (color
...) function as the value of the "color" property in your paragraph
(which the paragraph itself wouldn't care about, but the characters in
it would).
   Can someone who knows what they're talking about help here? :)
(I'd kinda like to know, too... :)  Unfortunately, the DSSSL standard
only briefly touches on this stuff, and leaves several important
details out, instead referring us to another standard (SPDL, I think).

> Q2> I can't understand conetpt of sosofo. Do you mind explain sosofo
> easily for me?
   Well, sosofo stands for "Specification Of a Sequence Of Flow
Objects".  Perhaps a better way to say it would be "Description of
some Flow Objects to be created", but "dosfotbec" just doesn't roll
off the tongue the way "sosofo" does. :)
   Basically, just think of a sosofo as a list of flow objects.  The
standard says that DSSSL doesn't actually deal with flow objects, only
specifications for them, but that's more an implementation view.  As
far as the user is concerned, a sosofo is really just a set of flow

> Q3> Can i get a output as follows ? That, two element is located in one
> line withour line break.
> In SGML Document :
> <p> This is a test <sub>program</sub> for beginner.</p>
> In DSSSL file :
> (element p
>     (make paragraph
> 	font-size : 20pt))
> (element sub
>     (make paragraph: 6p))
> Output :
> This is a test program for beginner.
> -------------- ------- -------------
>   (20pt)        (6pt)      (20pt)
   In this case, you need an "inline" flow object, which is one that
doesn't cause a line break.  A paragraph is a "display" flow object,
which is one that does cause a line break.
   If you're just looking to apply some different characteristics to a
piece of text in the middle of a line (such as a single word in 6pt
font instead of 20pt, like the rest of the line), the sequence flow
object should work well:
	(element p
	    (make paragraph
	      font-size: 20pt
	(element sub
	    (make sequence
	      font-size: 6pt
   Note, by the way, the (process-children) in each rule.  This would
actually get called implicitly if there was nothing else specified for
content, but I personally find it better to include it explicitly, to
avoid confusion.

-Brandon :)

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