RE: problem with jadetex and pdftex (The DSSSList Digest V2 #88)

Subject: RE: problem with jadetex and pdftex (The DSSSList Digest V2 #88)
From: Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 16:17:50 +0100
 > I suspect you've run into the limitations of PDFTeX in handling included
 > graphics.  PDFTeX
 > deals with a much more limited set of graphic file types/formats than
 > you might expect if you're used to dealing with dvips.
um, not true. pdftex groks 3 types of graphics, dvips groks 1....

 >   In particular, IIRC, it doesn't deal with
 > much of anything except
 > PNGs without some serious effort -- and I believe that includes PS based
 > formats such as EPS.
this was true until a version released 2 or 3 months ago. As of today,
pdftex reads as native the following formats

 PNG   (most bitmap utilities can write this)
 PDF   (as produced by Distiller or Ghostscript)

there is also a test release which reads TIFF files.

Note that the PDF import is *native*, not the old parsing version. So
far as I know, pdftex is almost unique in its ability to deal with
`encapsulated' PDF (you need to get the MediaBox set right).

If you a test release of the pdftex driver for LaTeX's graphics
package, multiple requests for the same graphic result in references
to a single instance.

The bottom line: a system built by Novare (i helped them out on the TeX
side) delivers PDF files built automatically using jadetexpdf from SGML,
using DSSSL (as well as HTML). Each page has a logo, which was an EPS
file turned to PDF by Distiller, and include just once in the PDF

I tell you, pdfTeX is the business....


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