Does may-violate-keep-before work in Jade?

Subject: Does may-violate-keep-before work in Jade?
From: "Russell Grigaitis" <russell.grigaitis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 12:02:46 -0600
I am not sure if I misunderstand the DSSSL specification or Jade has a bug.

I have a  XML file that has a number of elements that group together other
small elements. I want these small elements to remain on the same page and
column with their group. Occasionally a big element is in a group and it
would be OK to put a page or column break before it.

I believe the right way to do this is as follows:

(element group
    (make display-group
        keep: #t

 (element small
    (make paragraph

(element big
    (make paragraph
        may-violate-keep-before?: #t

With this code Jade continues to keep everything in a group element together
both big and small, even where there should be a break before a big element.

The may-violate-keep-after characteristic does not seem to do anything

I this a Jade bug, or is I doing something wrong?

<note> The Grammar Checker in Microsoft?s Word changed "am I doing" to "is I
doing" :-O <note>

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