Maintainer needed for HTML 3.2 stylesheet

Subject: Maintainer needed for HTML 3.2 stylesheet
From: Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jon Bosak)
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:40:14 -0700
I just got a request from the folks at Debian to let them include Ye
Olde HTML 3.2 stylesheet at

in the next Debian Gnu/Linux distribution.  I had to say no because,
as many people on this list are well aware, the stylesheet is an early
first attempt (look at the date!) and is full of bugs and bad
practices.  The only reason I haven't removed it from
is because I don't believe in leaving published web links dangling.

It's a shame, though, because the HTML 3.2 stylesheet could be a
really good learning tool if it were cleaned up and maintained the way
Norm Walsh has done with the DocBook stylesheet.  I've asked for
volunteers before but gotten no takers.  Does no one want to step up
to this?  Fame and glory beckon...


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