ANNOUNCE: Modular DocBook Stylesheets version 1.10

Subject: ANNOUNCE: Modular DocBook Stylesheets version 1.10
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 14:03:31 -0400
Version 1.10 is now up at
Most of the changes are to the HTML stylesheet, but see the last
item below.

*Renamed?%html-meta-tags% to %html-header-tags% and changed the
 list format.

*Added %link-mailto-url%. If not #f, a REL="made" LINK will be
 added to the HEAD of each HTML file with HREF set to

*Added?%css-decoration%. If true, then the stylesheets will add
 inline CSS styles where necessary. At the moment, this is only
 in handling of list items with unsupported MARK attributes
 (e.g. "none") or OVERRIDE attributes.

*Added %css-liststyle-alist% to map the list style names used in
 the MARK or OVERRIDE attributes on ItemizedList to the
 appropriate HTML names. For example, bullet maps to disc in

*Changed meaning of (nav-home); it now returns the node which is
 the home page. The old behavior is now provided by

*Fixed bug in CalloutList handling where Area, AreaSpec, and
 AreaSet incorrectly produced Ps.

*Fixed bug in handling of CLASS attribute on footnote DIVs.

*Reworked support for elements in the HEAD.  The stylesheets now
 automatically produce META elements for keywords and LINK
 elements for navigation.  The functions and parameters used to
 produce information in the head have been renamed. Use the
 %html-header-tags% list to add elements to the HEAD or redefine
 ($user-html-header$). Redefine ($standard-html-header$) to
 remove/modify the standard header tags.

*Added DIVs around the navigation elements on each page with an
 appropriate CLASS.

*In the non-tabular navigation setup, I changed the order of
 "Next" and "Previous" so that it's a little easier to use with
 Lynx ("Next" is now the default link, which makes more sense).

*Fixed bug in formatting of Procedures.

*Fixed bug in formatting of tables with missing entries at the
 end of a row.

*Added better support for OVERRIDE and MARK on ItemizedLists. In
 HTML, some support requires %css-decoration%.

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