Re: formatting-instruction and jadetex

Subject: Re: formatting-instruction and jadetex
From: Toby Speight <Toby.Speight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06 Aug 1998 12:09:17 +0100
Pawel> Pawel Turnau <URL:mailto:uzturnau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

0> In article <199808042224.AAA01570@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Pawel
0> wrote:

Pawel> I need page references in my document, and the only way I
Pawel> could think of doing that is via formatting-instruction.
Pawel> Unfortunately, jadetex produces error messages that I cannot
Pawel> understand. What am I doing wrong?
Pawel> Here is my document, called test.sgml
Pawel> ====================================================
Pawel> <!DOCTYPE test [
Pawel> <!ELEMENT test - - (p+) +(label | pageref)>
Pawel> <!ELEMENT p - - (#PCDATA)>
Pawel> <!ELEMENT (pageref | label) - - EMPTY>
Pawel> <!ATTLIST (pageref | label) name CDATA #REQUIRED>
Pawel> ]>
Pawel> <test>
Pawel>   <p>Foo.<label name="foo"></p>
Pawel>   <p>Bar (see p. <pageref name="foo">).</p>
Pawel> </test>
Pawel> ====================================================

Is there a good reason not to use ID and IDREF attributes?  That would
(a) ensure the referential integrity of your SGML source (to catch
errors well before the TeX stage), and (b) make the use of DSSSL's
cross-referencing features simpler.


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