Re: docbook/test/xtables.sgm - Jadetex vs HTML

Subject: Re: docbook/test/xtables.sgm - Jadetex vs HTML
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:37:39 -0400
/ Glenn Kronschnabl <grk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| Just for fun, I ran nwalsh's xtables.sgm example thru
| both the sgml/html, and tex backends and I noticed
| that on the complex table example, jadetex appears
| to be incorrect.  Anybody else notice this?  Anybody
| have a fix?  Is there any documentation on the jadetex
| table algorithm?

Are you running the most recent JadeTeX?  With a helpful pointer
From James, I managed to get the patched version of Jade to
build yesterday, but I haven't finished the JadeTeX install.

What's the error?

| PS: Norm - thanks for having a good test bed.  I think

Thanks.  I'm not sure how really good it is.  There's lots left
to test.  Anyone who feels like submitting a test case, feel

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