Re: Frames version of DocBook to HTML

Subject: Re: Frames version of DocBook to HTML
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 07:27:00 -0400
/ apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Adam P. Harris) was heard to say:
| Running netscape4.05pr1/Linux, I get:
|   JavaScript Error:, line 7:
|   set_links is not defined.
| I guess it's not reading docbook.js for some funky reason.

My bug.  In navbar.htm, I identified the script as "JScript" not
"JavaScript".  But it doesn't work in NS anyway.  I'm working on
it and at least one other person has offered to take a look.
More news when there is some.

| I'm hating ECMAscript/JavaScript.  If you can find away to get the
| functionality without the Javascript, all the better.  Looking at the
| JavaScript briefly, I guess not.

No, I don't think so.  Well, not quite.  Here's the scoop:

Producing a two frame arrangement, with a TOC on the left and
the content on the right could be done without JavaScript.  But
the TOC would have to be completely expanded and the navigation
would have to occur in the body content on the right.

In order to make frames worth the effort, it seemed reasonable
to attempt to get an expandable/collapsable TOC and to move the
navigation into its own frame, and JavaScript is required for
both of those things.

Anyway, in order to make this post seem at least a little bit
on-topic ;-), I'll see if I can hack the stylesheet to do the
former as an option.

Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>      | Every new beginning comes from                 | some other beginning's end.

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