Re: XSL support in Jade

Subject: Re: XSL support in Jade
From: ht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Henry S. Thompson)
Date: 28 Aug 1998 09:37:08 +0100
James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Another useful component would be something that translated from the
> standard XSL flow objects (once they've matured a bit) into the Jade
> .fot format.

I'm pursuing two routes to an interim datapath supporting the XSL
working draft:

1) An XSL stylesheet which transforms XSL formatting object output to
HTML4.0+CSS (i.e. to render your own XML document using a browser, you
will do:

 > xt yourDoc.xml yourSheet.xsl interim.xml
 > xt interim.xml fo2html.xsl bogus.xml
 > perl bogus.xml > yourDoc.html

 The perl step is to handle mismatches between views of heritability
 of properties/attributes between CSS and XSL)

2) A DSSSL stylesheet which renders XSL formatting object output.

The latter can be thought of as a way of achieving James's 'useful
component' using Jade itself.

I'd be happy to hear from anyone engaged in similar efforts.

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