backend: special space entity in output

Subject: backend: special space entity in output
From: Horst Kucharczyk <horst@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:58:14 +0100
We would like to use &emsp; and &ensp; and a few other special space alike
For now we have in our stylesheet heading 
<!ENTITY ensp "\U-2002;">
<!ENTITY emsp "\U-2003;">
<!ENTITY thinsp "\U-2009;">
and this produces things like ...{\def\Ch%{8194}}... in Tex and ...
\enspace ... in RTF.

Via TeX this produces <8194> in the PDF output.
Presumably the \enspace is what should be produced. Unfortunately Word97
doesn't show anything instead and breaks the document after (or at) the
last occurrence of \enspace (and shows ONE non breaking space instead of
what should follow). 

The first solution we thought of in TeX was to include an additional file
when compiling the fmt's that contains the additional code to produce a box. 
(as in ... \DefineCharacter{8194}{\leavevmode\hbox to 1em{\hfil}} ...) 
This doens't solve our RTF problem though.
So, really loving dsssl, we thought of doing the same in dsssl with
line-field (?) instead of using the &ensp; and thus avoid the problem of
the backends. But then line-field apparently isn't all that flexible for
the RTF backend. It is only supported at the beginning of a paragraph?

And now the question:
Has anybody found a solution to a similar need that works for TeX and for
RTF. Or two different solutions?

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