RE: No hyphenation in Jade RTF output

Subject: RE: No hyphenation in Jade RTF output
From: "Pursel, Frank" <frank_pursel@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 12:02:47 -0400
First, I lurk here and owe the list participants much.  Thanks for the
excellent tutelage.  

Here is the opposite problem in RTF output.  I need to inhibit line

<LI>341-231</LI>  should not break at the hyphen.  

I've taken the following drastic action which also swaps out hyphens and 
automatically inserts en-dashes.  (That part works.)  It also adds some
frivolous strings; don't let that distract you from the point that I'm
trying to prevent line breaks in the middle of this element despite the
possible use of a hyphen.  

(define (no-break-children nl)
     (if (empty-node-list? nl)
            (let ((char (node-property 'char 
                           (node-list-first nl))))
              (if (char=? char #\hyphen-minus )
                 (make character
                    language: 'EN
                    char: #\en-dash
                    break-before-priority: 1
                    break-after-priority: 1
                    inhibit-line-breaks?: #t) 
                 (make character
                    language: 'EN
                    char: char
                    break-before-priority: 1
                    break-after-priority: 1)))
            (no-break-children (node-list-rest nl)))))

(element (td li) 
  (let ((breakless-sosofo (no-break-children 
                              (children (current-node)) 
     (make sequence
        (make paragraph-break)
        (literal "[[LI\en-dash") 
        (literal "]]"))))

Oh, btw, yes, the td element implies that we are inside a table-cell flow
object.  I don't think this should make a difference.  The problem remains
even if things are different in a table-cell.  

When processed into rtf-95, the substitutions work fine, but no line-breaks
are inhibited.  It doesn't work as I think it ought.  I suspect I'm missing
something about the use of the character flow object here.  Will someone
take the time to straighten me out? 

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> Subject: 	Re: No hyphenation in Jade RTF output
> You need to set a language:
>   language: 'EN
> Daniel Speck wrote:
> > 
> > I can't seem to get the RTF output of Jade to allow hyphenation. There
> > is a characteristic, hyphenate?, on the character flow object class that
> > takes a boolean value but setting it to #t via, e.g.,
> > (declare-initial-value hyphenate? #t) or even explicitly setting it on
> > (make paragraph ...) or (make sequence ...) doesn't seem to have any
> > effect. I haven't ever seen RTF output with a system generated hyphen in
> > it! Has anyone else had this problem?
> > 
> > -dan
> > 
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