Subject: jadetex
From: "Jack Fitzpatrick" <jfitzpatrick@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 20:54:44 -0400
I am currently using Jade with the RTF backend, which works peachy, but
would like to evaluate jadetex.  I'd prefer to avoid the inevitable
aggravation involved with installing the TeX and jadetex packages and
getting them to work with the Jade output, only to find out that it doesn't
adequately render my document (which is mostly tables).  Would someone with
a working jadetex installation please volunteer to demo my document on that
system and return the PDF to me?  My XML document is 24kb, DTD is 17kb,
stylesheet is 48kb, all compressed in a 25K zip file.

Jack Fitzpatrick
Senior Technical Consultant
ADP Autosource
Milwaukie, OR  USA

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