Once is enough!!!

Subject: Once is enough!!!
From: "Jos\i Carlos Ramalho" <jcr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 17:27:28 +0100
Hi all, I am posting this message in this list because I think is the
wright place, at least the wright audience, b ethe judge of that.

The problem I have has to do with bibliography.
In the last months I wrote some papers and articles in SGML (mainly to
SGML conferences and jounal).
The problem is that each one was written according to a different DTD.
I do not complain about different DTDs, some evolution is necessary. 
The thing is that bibliography is quite stable (!!!) for some time (I am
certain that many of us have bibliographical DBs in bib format [LaTeX,
BibTeX] for example) and each one of those DTDs specified a different
format for bibliography.

OK, I had not so many biblioitems so it was not a hard job but, now, I
am writing my phd thesis, I chose docbook as the DTD and I am facing the
need to write all items again.
To this I say "Once is enough!". 

MathML is becoming a standard for Math can't we think of one to deal
with bibliography. We would not have to go very far: I am a former LaTeX
user (I am trying to become an SGML user know, I am feeling some pains
...) and the bib format and the "bibtex" program are a good solution for
managing a biblio DB; in this moment I am quite convinced to let my
biblio-items stay in bib format and to create a Omnimark or Perl script
to do the job of converting that into the DTD I choose to work with.

If someone has already overcome this problem I would appreciate some
hints or some tool already developed. If not here is an idea of

Let's try to make our job easier
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