problem with <SPAN> appearing in HTML <TITLE>s

Subject: problem with <SPAN> appearing in HTML <TITLE>s
From: Mark Galassi <rosalia@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:48:02 -0600 (MDT)
Using Norm's DocBook stylesheets I run in to a problem.  If I
understand well, DocBook markup is preserved in the HTML using <SPAN>
tags, so that a <sect2> title that reads as

<title>Toshiba <hardware>TX39</hardware></title>

is rendered as:

	>Toshiba <SPAN
	> version 1.0</H2

This is kind of nice since in principle it allows for quasi-SGML
search capability on the web.

But Norm's stylesheets also put the <SPAN> tag in the HTML <TITLE>
tag, which both Netscape and IE put in the window's title bar, thus
making it very ugly.

I don't know if it is legal HTML to have <SPAN> within <TITLE>, but it 
is inconvenient and I would like to suggest removing them.  I only
took a quick look at the DSSSL code and realized it would take me
quite a while to figure it out, so I'm just reporting it here.

Norman, what do you think?

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