Re: SGML Where are you

Subject: Re: SGML Where are you
From: DSSSList Owner <dssslist-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 13:02:20 -0500 (EST)
At 24 Oct 1998 11:33 PDT, David_A Cobb wrote:
 > I've been lurking around SGML-L@ UNI-HEIDELBERG for ages, hoping to 
 > learn something.  And behold the utter silence!!
 > Is the SGML discussion moribund, or has it moved?

The DSSSList is for the discussion of DSSSL, not of SGML in general.
As a DSSSL discussion, it is very successful; as an SGML discussion,
you are bound to be disappointed, and I suggest that you read the
comp.text.sgml newsgroup for that.

Also, please do not cross-post to the DSSSList and other lists: not
only does it make it difficult for people who are not on all the lists
to follow the discussions, it makes the list archive fragmented so
that there is also no single, clear record of the thread.


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