db119.zip and <BIBLIOENTRY>

Subject: db119.zip and <BIBLIOENTRY>
From: Jochen_Hayek@xxxxxxx
Date: 28 Oct 1998 20:49:17 +0000
I have used version 13 (???) coming with SuSE5.3's docbk30 so far,
and it didn't do a lot for <BIBLIOENTRY> (I thought),

so I downloaded http://nwalsh.com/docbook/dsssl/db119.zip,
and it doesn't do much more.

I beg you pardon for not seeing the work you have done, Norman.
Thanks for your great work!

My problem is,
that some of the elements in a biblioentry are apparently not made use of:

      <author>'s <authorblurb>

Well, at least in my case, they don't appear in the HTML file.

Am I doing something wrong?
Maybe I'm abusing DocBook?
Or are those elements actually ignored?

I appended one of my biblioentries (a bit shortened actually),
maybe somebody has an idea.

Kind regards,



  <subtitle>Demiurge Development Group's Python Options Processing Module</subtitle>
    <para>When I started programming in python, ...
    <para>Sad enough I had to find out, ...

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