Jadetex 2.3 - table cell spacing

Subject: Jadetex 2.3 - table cell spacing
From: Glenn Kronschnabl <grk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 00:18:26 -0600
Sebastian/Other DSSSL'ers,

A couple of questions:

1) bug? on a long table (multi-page) should the thead row be repeated at
the top of each new page?  (this is the way its implemented in mif
output option).  (I need to try this in latex as well since it appears
that you're just using latex tables - correct?)

2) in a table-cell that contains a multiline paragraph, the spacing
appears wrong.  i.e., if the following is a cell and the '+' represent

       |+++first line of     |
       |multiline paragraph  | 
       |in cell              |


   a) how do I get rid of whitespace (I tried start-indent: 0pt) in
paragraph cell to no avail

   b) how do I get extra space between the border and the 2nd and later
paragraph lines.

   Note that this is not a problem under rtf or mif.



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