Attribute match of parent element

Subject: Attribute match of parent element
From: Jeroen van Maanen <jeroenm@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 17:47:47 +0100 (NLD)
We are using the obsolete XSLJ translator to generate DSSSL code.  The
DSSSL style-sheet is used to generate RTF from XML documents. 
Unfortunately we don't have time to change to something else, so at the
moment we are trying to get our code to work, if necessary by patching the
DSSSL code.

When we specify

    <element type="spec">
      <attribute name="type" value="T"/>
      <target-element type="tab"/>

Then the generated DSSSL code doesn't emit "Foo" for

  <spec type="T"><tab/></spec>

Whereas when we omit the <attribute> tag in the XSL style-sheet it does
emit "Foo".

XSLJ generates code like

  (element (spec attributes: (type "T") result tab)
   (literal "Foo")

I can't find a specification of (element) in the DSSSL documentation and I
can't find a definition of (element) in the files that are supplied with
XSLJ, so I don't know where to start looking for a solution.  What is the
correct code to match a <tab>-element within a <spec>-element that has a
"type"-attribute that has the value "T" (either in XSLJ-style or in

Regards,  Jeroen

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