<xref>, <term>, <systemitem> and all that sort of things

Subject: <xref>, <term>, <systemitem> and all that sort of things
From: Christian Fabre <c.fabre@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 15:44:46 +0100
Hi all,

I have a problem with an <xref> from a <term>.  It occurs on both the
DB->HTML and DB->RTF style-sheets.

Say I have the following SGML text:

	<term id="foo"><systemitem>foo</systemitem></term>

And in some other place a text like:

	<para><systemitem>bar</systemitem> is actually a <xref
	linkend="foo" endterm="foo">.</para>

I would expect to have the "imported" word "foo" in the refering text
to retain the typewriter font from <systemitem>.  That is that the
<xref> should not only copy the text to the destination, but also its

This is the case for instance if the <xref> refers to an id located
within a <refentrytitle> tag: the expansion of <xref> retain the
effect of <systemitem>.

But it is not the case here when referring to a <term> tags: in my
outputs, "foo" is only in italic (as for a xref to plain text) whereas
bar is in typewriter italics (as usual with systemitem).

Is there any special reason to drop the formating due to the original

I'm wondering if it is a bug in the style-sheets or a feature.

Thanks in advance,


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