Re: URL string as hyperlink in the jade/rtf backend ?

Subject: Re: URL string as hyperlink in the jade/rtf backend ?
From: kubek@xxxxxxxxxxxx (kubek)
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 11:29:29 +0100
>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <apharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Adam> In article <199811061646.RAA09885@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
    Adam> kubek@xxxxxxxxxxxx (kubek) writes:

    >> Hi, given a string representing an url, I would like to obtain
    >> an rtf (or tex) output showing this url as an hypertext link.
    >> Is it possible with dsssl and is it implemented in jade ?

    Adam> Yes. ;) Docbook has several flavors of links, for instance.

Thanks Adam, now I know it is possible so let me complete my question: 
how to do it :) ? 

The only solution I found until now is to use the sosofo
'formatting-instruction', however that's a jade extension. I'd prefer
to use (or at least to know) some standard dsssl feature if possible
(I suspect here the use of some sombination of sgml-parse and
sgml-document-address or else rhe use of Hytime features)

About your pointer on docbook, here are some remark based on Norm's
stylesheets (v 1.20). Anyone may  correct me if I'm wrong :

 Norm's  treats four (at least) kinds of link elements :
	- xref,
	- link,
	- olink,
	- ulink. 

xref and link are for internal links, ie links to elements in the
current document. They are not interesting for me. 

My understanding of olink elements is that they allow the inclusion of
an external document into the current doc. (Maybe I'm wrong here) But
I do not want the content in my final doc only the link.

So the last solution is ulink. But it is not implemented in Norm's
style sheet for printing backend and that's what I would, sigh.

(From print/dblinks :)
	(element ulink ($charseq$)) 

	where $charset$ only write the
		chars content of the element.

while in html/dblinks we have :
	(element ulink 
		(make element gi: "A"
			attributes: (list
			(list "HREF" (attribute-string (normalize "url")))
			(list "TARGET" "_top"))


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