Re: JADE and 'exotic' encodings.

Subject: Re: JADE and 'exotic' encodings.
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 19:23:14 +0700
I suspect SP isn't recognizing the base character sets in your SGML
declaration, or your SGML declaration is bogus in some other way.  This
doesn't matter with SP_CHARSET_FIXED=NO, but does with
SP_CHARSET_FIXED=YES.  Use -wall to get warnings about this.  If you're
not using any numeric character references, just declare your document
character set as Unicode (you could start with HTML4.dcl).

There's no way to make Jade work in SP_CHARSET_FIXED=NO mode.

Bernhard Adam wrote:
> Hi,
> we are planning to implement a formatting process using JADE/DSSSL.
> The point is, that we must deal with some (for us) 'exotic' encodings like
> Japanese, Chinese, Korean, ...
> In a first step we've parsed some of these documents using NSGMLS with
> settings as follows:
> SP_BCTF=SJIS (for Japanese)
> (we are also using an appropriate SGML-Declaration).
> With these settings everything works fine with NSGMLS - no errors occoured.
> Unfortunately it doesn't work with JADE - for the same documents we've got
> a whole lot of 'encoding errors' like:
> jade:c:\projects\test.sgm:47:65:E: non SGML character number 65533
> In the output JADE then mapps every unknown byte combination to the
> same charref '&#65533;'.
> We've learned from the documentation that JADE always sets
> SP_CHARSET_FIXED to "YES", i.e. SP_BCTF is not evaluated and
> JADE works in the "fixed character set mode". Therefore we've also
> set SP_ENCODING to "SHIFT_JIS" (for Japanese).
> BTW: if we use these JADE settings with NSGMLS we get the same
> problems as with JADE.
> Now I was wondering if there is a way to force JADE to process our
> documents in exactly the same way NSGMLS does?
> Should we change the SGML-Declaration (remember: the declaration
> works fine with NSGMLS)?
> Or must we go into the JADE source at last? If so, what amount
> of work must we expect? And where in the source code should we start?

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