Re: Global Variables and JADE vs OMNIMARK

Subject: Re: Global Variables and JADE vs OMNIMARK
From: Mike Sosteric <mikes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 15:31:12 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
>>>>> "W" == W Eliot Kimber <eliot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


    W> Short answer: no.

    W> Long answer: When you need the information, go get it from the
    W> grove. If you know where it is going to be and it's a
    W> consistent place, you can write a function that will navigation
    W> from the grove root, e.g.:

     (define (get-publisher-name node) 
	     (let ((gr (node-property
     '		       grove-root node))) 
		; do navigation magic here ))

Okay so excuse my ignorance here but this would be called how? 

	 (make paragraph
	   (get-publisher-name (current-node))
if this is correct, are there other repacements for (current-node)

and also, in the above you say ;do navigation magic but I don't understand what
that is supposed to mean. Is that a necessary part of the function

    W> output.  It should be pretty obvious how to use it, but if not,
    W> there are lots of examples. Typical element rules might be:

Where are these examples located?

I tried running that back end and all I got was META-dtd does not allow data
at this point...

    W> (root (sosofo-append (make formatting-instruction ; Doesn't
    W> escape delimiters data: (string-append "<" "!DOCTYPE HTML
    W> SYSTEM >&#RE;")) (process-children)))

    W> (element section1 (make element gi: "div" (process-children)))

    W> (element (section1 title) (make element gi: "h1"
    W> (process-children)))

    W> (element (section1 body) (process-children))

    W> (element emph (let ((gi (case (attribute-string "STYLE"
    W> (current-node)) (("BOLD") "b") (("ITALIC") "i") (else "b"))))
    W> (make element gi: gi (process-children))))

    W> (default (process-children))

    W> You can do chunking into multiple output files using the ENTITY
    W> flow object.

    W> Cheers,



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