Re: "Hello world!" in xml using jade/dsssl producing html

Subject: Re: "Hello world!" in xml using jade/dsssl producing html
From: Toby Speight <Toby.Speight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 15 Dec 1998 17:27:02 +0000
Jon> Jon Haugsand <URL:mailto:Jon.Haugsand@xxxxx>

0> In article <yzo7lvt5xfa.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Jon wrote:

Jon> Here is a simple non-working example (courtesy to Lars Marius
Jon> Garshol, <url:>:

I assume you spelt "ENCODING" correctly in real life!

Jon> SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/nr/user/haugsand/share/jade/pubtext/xml.soc
Jon> jade -t html -w xml faq.xml
Jon> jade:faq.dsl:1:2:E: unknown declaration type "doctype"

This is probably a FAQ for this list.  Has anyone written a guide to
using DSSSL with XML?

The cause of the problem is that you're trying to read the stylesheet
with the wrong SGML declaration (namely, the SGML Declaration for
XML).  My own way of solving that was to re-write my stylesheets to
use the XML declaration, but I think that is not the best way to do
it.  Instead, use different catalogs for stylesheets and documents,
and have the appropriate SGMLDECL lines in each.


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