Re: Docbook Stylesheets (possible bug)

Subject: Re: Docbook Stylesheets (possible bug)
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 09:18:53 -0500
| I'm noticed something that might be a bug in the Docbook Stylesheets (v.
| 1.30). I discovered it using version 1.29 but a few minutes ago I've
| downloaded the new 1.30 version and it does the same.
| The problem is in the HTML part. The last chunk of the html files
| shouldn't have a Next link, since there isn't be any file at all.
| However, there is a Next link. It references to the first chunk of the
| last chapter in my own files (!!). Indeed, the stylesheets documentation
| has the same problem. For example: the file
| "prp-number-funcsynopsisinfo-lines.html" points (in the Next link) to
| "prp-number-screen-lines.html" which is in fact the previous one.

Yah.  Fixed in 1.31.  Thanks!

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