Jade environment

Subject: Jade environment
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:21:12 -0500

I discovered that Jon Bosak project can be executed with the xml.dcl being
in ansi format even if the dsl and sgml file are in unicode format. It seems
that indeed, if we set the "SP_ENCODING" system variable to "wunicode" on
windows (NT or 9x) jade can process mix formats. However, I discovered that,
for all ansi project, this setting do not work as well and it is better to
set the environment variable to "windows". Why? I'll explain.

In the current project, I am integrating Jade into a document explorer (i.e.
a document viewer). the document explorer looks like windows explorer except
that in the left pane you see folders and documents icons structured in a
hierarchy and in the right pane, the document is displayed. When you click
on a document's icon in the left pane, this document is displayed in the
right pane. If the document in question is a folder, you see the folder's
content as in windows explorer. If the document is a SGML document, you see
its content displayed in the right pane (not the same behavior as windows
explorer which is limited to folders only). To render the sgml document,
jade is used to transform it into a displayable entity. If the SGML document
is transformed in rtf format the word viwer is used to render it in the
right pane. If the SGML document is transformed in a HTML format the MS
DHTML interpreter is used to render it in DHTML (I am working with the new
MozillaNG to render the document with Mozilla, but the bug count is actually
to high and I use mainly MS interpreter, but as soon as the bug count is
reasonable, you'll have the chose just by selecting a context menu option).
So, this is the project.

When you click on a document's icon, I start jade like a HTTP server would
do with a CGI session. The stdout is re-directed to a file and when the
interpretation result with errors, the output is written in a file and
displayed in the document view (right pane). if the interpretation result is
OK then the document is displayed with the appropriate viewer (either word
view or the HTML interpreter).

OK, all this said, now, let's go back to why it is better to set the
environment variable to "windows" for strict ansi documents. I discovered
that if an ansi document is processed with jade and the environment variable
is set to "wunicode" then, the file containing the re-directed stdout has
garbage when displayed. If, on the other hand, I set the environment
variable to "windows", the output is OK.

Thus, the experiement conclusion is:
We can mix unicode and ansi files like for instance having a ansi "dcl" file
and unicode "dsl" and "sgml" files. I tested that with Jon's project and it
worked well.
For ansi "sgml" and "dsl" documents (strict european languages) it is better
to set the environment variable to "windows".
To test Jon's project I could use a common xml.dcl file.

I'll post very soon the project for trial if you are interested to test.
Before I'll reduce my bug counts to the minimum and won't post it until I
have "showstoppers" bugs.

Didier PH Martin

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