dsssl, mode and with-mode

Subject: dsssl, mode and with-mode
From: Jon Haugsand <Jon.Haugsand@xxxxx>
Date: 22 Jan 1999 11:39:16 +0100
I am still a newbie and hope some of you can take the trouble to
answer some of my naive questions.

What is really a grove? Is it a parsed SGML document?

What is really a sosofo (in the "make entity"/"jade -t sgml" context)?
Is it a tree structure of the html output to be inserted at the
current point?

What exactly does the "with-mode" construction?
Here is a part of my sgml and dsssl spec:

	<title>Om pliktene</title>

(element section
	 (make sequence
	       (with-mode extract-title-text
                   (process-matching-children "TITLE"))

(mode extract-title-text
      (element (TITLE)

What other choices do I have than "process-matching-children"? What do
those choices mean?

It seems that the word "TITLE" is present two places. Why? What
happens if I name some other tag in the "with-mode" construction? In
the "mode" construction?


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