Re: New problem

Subject: Re: New problem
From: Toby Speight <Toby.Speight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27 Jan 1999 16:22:08 +0000
Didier> Didier PH Martin <URL:mailto:martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

0> In article <NBBBJPGDLPIHJGEHAKBAGEJPCLAA.martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
0> Didier wrote:

Didier> I made a new script that works except that the item "description"
Didier> do not display and I don't know why????

You don't show what output you do get, but I'm guessing that the
display-group flow object is ignored by the SGML backend.  Instead of

Didier> (element food
Didier>         (make display-group
Didier>        (literal "<DIV
Didier> STYLE=\"background-color:teal;color:white;padding:4px\">")
Didier>        (process-matching-children "name")
Didier>        (literal " - ")
Didier>        (process-matching-children "price")
Didier>          (literal "</DIV>")
Didier>          (process-matching-children "description")))

try (make element gi: "DIV" ...), using your breakfast-menu element
rule as a template.  You'll want something like

 (make sequence
    (make element
       gi: "DIV"
       attributes: breakfast-menu-attrs ;assume you'll define this
       (process-matching-children "name")
       (literal " - ")
       (process-matching-children "price"))
    (process-matching-children "description"))

Note that (literal "<DIV ...>") and (literal "</DIV>") will cause
those strings to appear *as content* in the generated HTML, i.e. with
the "<" and ">" represented as character references.


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