RE: sort-in-tree-order

Subject: RE: sort-in-tree-order
From: Avi Kivity <Avi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 19:08:50 +0200
On Friday, January 29, 1999 18:35, Tony Graham
[SMTP:tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
> Does anyone have a working implementation of sort-in-tree-order and
> ancillary functions?  As copied from the standard, it merely failed,
> and now I have achieved infinite processing time, so any help would
> be
> appreciated.

If you're willing to sort elements only, and use jade-only extensions, you
could use a quicksort with a compare based on (all-element-number), say
(lambda (n1 n2) (< (all-element-number n1) (all-element-number n2)))

If you want non-elements, you may have to walk up the ancestor list until an
element is found, use (all-element-number) for the easy case (unequal
all-element-numbers), and a linear search in case both nodes are in the same
element. It wouldn't be fun, but it should be more efficient than the
example in the standard.

Hope this helps,


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