RE: About the source library

Subject: RE: About the source library
From: John McClure <hypergrove@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 19:47:31 -0700
I mentioned SVG. I was remarking about the notion introduced in an earlier 
post about outputting to PDF. Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML 
implementation of PDF and, as such, can be mixed with other namespace 
elements within an XML document. The idea of SVG is to get rid of separate 
image files that are referenced in anchor tags.

Adobe itself bows to the pressures of being standardized, so it appears 
that they are 'retiring' their PDF in favor of SVG. I don't really 
understand why; it probably has to do with Microsoft in some way.

The great thing about PDF is that it does not reflow relative to the size 
of the window; it is a static presentation. And SVG delivers the same 
function. It does not reflow. [Here I am referring to the text, not the 

Another piece of PDF of course are the fonts. With CSS (and XSL) only the 
fonts installed on the presentation device are used during presentation 
rendition. For PDF, the fonts are/can be embedded within the entity. And 
SVG delivers the same function (altho rather primitively in the first 
release, so I understand).

So, I was suggesting to output from the FOT to SVG, and let the open source 
browsers be responsible for the actual rendition to print and or to 

Apologize for lurking, folks, but I am only a 'little schemer', hoping to 
eventually be 'seasoned'....

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On Thu, 6 May 1999, Avi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Thursday, May 06, 1999 10:22 AM, Ron Ross [SMTP:ronross@xxxxxxxxx]
> wrote:
>> On Thu, 6 May 1999, I wrote:
>> > Going on-screen means there no longer is a file format. The FOT,
>> > instead
>> > of being translated into text or binary byte strings, is
>> > translated into
>> > the native API of whatever is doing the display. The ability to
>> > change
>> > window width dynamically also affects rendering.
>> Phew! I believe this goes some way toward explaining another
>> poster's
> Me. A web search shows it's "Scalable Vector Graphics". But I don't
> really get what you're driving at.

I thought from what you described that SVG, in the current discussion,
related to outputting directly to the display. (but don't mind me, I'm
a complete neophyte; and sorry, I was too quick in deleting messages
and couldn't remember who had asked about SVG).

> Maybe you can provide multiple versions: editable RTF, webbable
> HTML, and printable output from the TeX backend or the native
> formatter (when there is one). After all, that's what those multiple
> backends are there for.

Precisely what I meant (after clearing up what the native formatter
might involve). Not a bad choice either;-).


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