RE: Bait (was RE: indentation)

Subject: RE: Bait (was RE: indentation)
From: "Simon North" <north@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 16:39:26 +0001
Hi Didier,

> Just to read you right. Your point is that giving examples like doing
> multi-columns or table of content are good examples to give you some
> preview of the language power. I am right?


> So, if I synthesize the last (very good and refreshing posts) about
> learning DSSSL:

I agree on both points.

> So, do you think that having a tool that shows directly the result is a
> good tool?

Isn't that why HTML was so successful in the first place ... 
because browsers showed it so 'well'. I recently gave a short demo 
of one of the benefits of separating presentation from content by 
quickly swapping the display styles on an SGML document in 
Panorama. In the same way, trying to explain HyTime linking is so 
much easier when you *show* (at least part of) it in something like 
Panorama. Theories are fine, but working code is better.

> Up to now for on-line rendition we have:
> a) Hybrick (do native rendition of DSSSL FO objects)
> b) the SGML/XML Kit that adds on-line rendition with DSSSL for XML/SGML on
> IE 5 (not yet on Mozilla, its too unstable, we have to stabilize and
> integrate netlib) </reply>

Don't forget Doczilla and Talva Document Explorer .... 

Simon (the other one). 

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