Jade Maintenance

Subject: Jade Maintenance
From: Joerg Wittenberger <Joerg.Wittenberger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 12 May 1999 15:56:16 +0200
>>>>> "AK" == Avi Kivity <Avi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

AK>  <<RE: jade patches>> Remember the deadthread 'Future of DSSSL'?
AK> It's bound to the future of Jade.  Since I don't see anyone
AK> implementing a major feature (transformation, regexp, page-seq),
AK> maybe we can try the incremental approach.

Hopefully it's not bound to the future of jade.

Who knows a bit about jade and jadetex?

Two problems:

A) I've thrown a 22000 lines document through jade using docbook style
sheets with slight modifications.  That gave me fially:

jade: TeXFOTBuilder.cxx:761: struct TeXFOTBuilder::Cell & TeXFOTBuilder::Table::curCell(): Assertion `CurCell != __null' failed.

Only 41 pae of output where build.

B) A general problem with seems to me related to jadetex: within a
table cell every line except the first of a paragraph has about 1em
negative indent.

How can I fix those?



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