Selectively getting PCDATA

Subject: Selectively getting PCDATA
From: Ron Ross <ronross@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 20 Sep 1999 21:34:04 -0400

I would like in a stylesheet to get the contents of an element along
with the a selected portion of the immediately previous PCDATA (text) in
the parent element.

That is: <PARENT>some text here, some text here, some text here, some
    text here, some text here<CHILD>some term</CHILD>...</PARENT>

should turn into something like:
    some term	    some text here

There are two parts to the issue. One is the order and nature of the
formatting (for RTF), which I'll try to figure out on my own; the other
is the incantation necessary to "get" that portion of text prior to the
child element. Is there a mechanism to search back by the number of
characters, say, or by regular expressions (which is described in the
standard as a feature that seems to require to be specifically
declared)? Does (Open)Jade support this feature? Hints as to how to
start things up would be hugely appreciated.



PS. I hope the recent quietness of the list is just an indication that
everone's hard at work (whether on OpenJade or the day job;-). I've been
using OpenJade 1.2.2pre3 and OpenSP 1.3.4 for quite some time and it's
all working splendedly. Cheers to all those involved.

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