Re: DOCBOOK: Producing HTML from DocBook, without HTML <head>

Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Producing HTML from DocBook, without HTML <head>
From: Tsyshevsky Vladimir <wowa@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:07:57 +0400
>From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
>/ Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@xxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
>| But I don't wan't HTML HEAD or BODY or META.
>In your custom stylesheet, make a copy of the function (html-document)
>from dbhtml.dsl and change the definition of the 'doc-sosofo' variable
>to remove the HTML/HEAD/BODY tags.
>That should do it.
>                                        Cheers,


here is quite different solution. I use HTML (SGML with slightly
modified HTML DTD) templates to do the job. The template is prepared
as usual SGML document, so you can use all the HTML nitty-gritty 
to make page looking as your boss likes.

All places, which supposed to contain real information are marked up
with special element named DATASITE (term choosed after Sapphire
development system). The type of datasites defined by attribute named TYPE.

The template is parsed by `sgml-parse' (see `template-root' definition 
below), and then `printed' by `copy-subtree' procedure.

The datasite elements have special treatment:

1. The value of TYPE attribute is used to find the corresponding
datasite handler (list of handler names values is
provided to `copy-subtree' in `escape-list' argument.

2. If found, handler is analysed. If it is a procedure, it is executed 
with datasite element and current chunk element as arguments. The
procedure supposed to return sosofo. If the handler is
not a procedure, then it is supposed to be sosofo, and its value
simply returned

3. If no handler found, and datasite element has attribute named
DEFAULT, then the datasite contents is printed.

The datasites can be nested, allowing the complex algorythms such as: 

    1. my data element may have multiple values;
    2. two datasites used to deal with this data;
    3. if no values found, then I want to emit the content of first
      datasite (for example, the message for the user or transparent GIF
      image to prevent empty HTML table cell "collapse");
    4. if some values found, I want to use second's datasite contents,
      which is the HTML table template, which has datasite for single
      table row somethere inside. `copy-subtree' is used again with
      handler for "table row" datasite, which invokes `copy-subtree' whth
      handlers for each column cell and so on...

This approach is used in "Jetinfo online" project
<>, the online version of printed magazine.

Below is excerpt from style used to generate the article pages (for
example, <>. The
navigation pages (including frontpage) are generated on the fly, using 
same approach, but this time, from XML templates, prepared
with `sx' utility, since reading SGML in runtime
requires too much of computer resources.

The SGML template used by program below can be found at

Feel free to ask questions.


Vladimir V. Tsychevski
senior expert

                  Jet Infosystems
Krasnoproletarskaya 6,		Tel. (+7 095) 972-1182
Moscow 103006, Russia		Fax  (+7 095) 972-0791
Any opinions or recommendations herein are those of
the author and not of his computer.


(define(copy-subtree nl #!optional origin(escape-list '()))
  (let loop((nl nl))
     (lambda (snl)
       (case(node-property 'class-name snl)
	  (let((giv(gi snl)))
	    (if(string=? giv "DATASITE")
	       (let((ass(member(attribute-string "TYPE" snl)escape-list)))
		 (if ass
		     (let((replacement(car(cdr ass))))
		       (cond((string? replacement)
			     (literal replacement))
			    ((procedure? replacement)
			     (replacement nl origin))
		     (if(attribute-string "DEFAULT"snl)
			(loop(children snl))
	       (let((attrs(copy-attributes snl)))
		 (if(node-property 'must-omit-end-tag? snl)
		    (make empty-element gi: giv attributes: attrs)
		    (make element gi: giv attributes: attrs
			  (loop(children snl))))))))
	  (literal(data snl)))

	  (literal(data snl)))))

(define(anchor snl datasite-elt)
  (let((template(children datasite-elt)))
    (if(or(node-list-empty? snl)(node-list=? snl(current-node)))
       (if(attribute-string "DEFAULT" (node-list-first datasite-elt))
	  (copy-subtree template snl)
       (make element gi: "a"
	     attributes: `(("href" ,(href-to snl)))
	     (if(node-list-empty? template)
		(element-title-sosofo snl)
		(copy-subtree template snl))))))

(define(server-root node)
  (or(pi-value node "serverroot" #t)
     (error "No value for 'serverroot' PI given")))

(define(template-root node)
	      (server-root node)
	      (or(pi-value(current-node)"template" #t)
     (sgml-parse sysid))))
(define (component-html-base nd)
  (let((ids(and %use-id-as-filename%
		(attribute-string (normalize "id") nd))))
    (if ids
	(case-fold-down ids)
	(let((base(component-html-base (parent nd))))
	  (if (chunk? nd)
	       (number->string (all-element-number nd)))

(define(chunk-no root snl)
  (let loop((n 0)(candidate root))
    (let((dum(node-debug candidate "candidate")))
      (cond((node-list-empty? candidate)
	    (error (string-append"chunk-no: not a base"(gi root)(gi snl))))
	   ((node-list=? candidate snl)
	   (else (loop(+ n 1)(next-chunk-element candidate)))))))

(define (html-document title-sosofo body-sosofo)
	 (if(or(chunk?)(node-list=? node(sgml-root-element)))
	     (template-root node)
	      "TITLE"   title-sosofo

	      (make empty-element gi: "img"
		    attributes: `(("border" "0")
				  ("src" ,(or(pi-value node "title-image" #t)

	      "BODY"    body-sosofo
	      "PREV"    (lambda(tmpl-elt elt)
			  (anchor(prev-chunk-element elt)tmpl-elt))
	      "NEXT"    (lambda(tmpl-elt elt)
			  (anchor(next-chunk-element elt)tmpl-elt))
	      "UP"      (lambda(tmpl-elt elt)
			  (anchor(nav-home elt)tmpl-elt))))
    (if (chunk?)
	(make entity system-id: (html-file)doc-sosofo)

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