Re: XSL equivalent sought.

Subject: Re: XSL equivalent sought.
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:45:00 -0500
Quoting DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Whats the equivalent of 'go to root' in DSSSL,
> since the date element is only two levels down
> from the root.
> Then I can do a 
>  (process-node-list (select-elements (children (children (current-node)))
> date)))
   Substituting (current-root) for (current-node) in the above should
do the trick (though, you'll probably need to quote "date" at the end,
   Alternatively, you might try:
	(process-node-list (select-elements
                             (descendants (current-root))
                             '(FRONTMATTER DATE)))
which would ensure you only get a <date> inside of <frontmatter>,
though it doesn't ensure that the <frontmatter> is just one level
down.  Substituting your original (children) calls would fix that.

-Brandon :)

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