Re: how-to make text-frames using Jade MIF back-end?

Subject: Re: how-to make text-frames using Jade MIF back-end?
From: crism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Christopher R. Maden)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 11:11:53 -0800
[G Seshadri]
>     BackGround: I need to render a set of  documents in Frame-Maker (MIF)
>from Interleaf . I plan to write a program which will make an SGML document
>from the Interleaf ascii and I want to use a style-sheet (DSSSL) to format
>the documents.

The MIF back-end to Jade, like the RTF and TeX back-ends, attempts to
produce visual layout that approximates your formatting objects as closely
as possible.  This does not involve the ability to create language-specific
constructs like text frames.

To do conversion like this (which is what it sounds like you need - not
layout), you probably want to go to a finer level of control and generate
the output format directly.  I've written a library for raw MIF generation
that may be of some help.  It's not the best-documented code in the world,
but you're welcome to it, at


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