calling external functions

Subject: calling external functions
From: Holger Klawitter <holger@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 10:01:52 +0100
Hi there,

is there any way to call external functions from withing DSSSL, most
perferably perl scripts or similar.

I repeatedly run over problems where I have to insert some information
into a SGML document which cannot be computed (at reasonable cost) from
within Jade. Lots of things like the URL of the "next" document, things
might be passed into variables, but sometime the result has to be computed
from context data which is only accessible to jade. Transforming text only
inside specific elements is such an example.

I would like to do that without having to mess with the jade source

Any ideas?
	Holger Klawitter
Holger Klawitter                                     +49 (0)251 484 0637

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