RE: support for 'macro' formatting languages

Subject: RE: support for 'macro' formatting languages
From: Pieter Rijken <pieter.rijken@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 11:26:12 +0100
I couldn't have said it better :-)

> very heavy duty work on breaking lines and pages.  His comment 
> 	It's quite an art to decide how to break long displayed formulas
> 	into several lines; \TeX\ never attempts to break them, 
> because no
> set of
> 	rules is really adequate. The author of a mathematical 
> manuscript is
> 	generally the best judge of what to do, since break 
> positions depend
> on
> 	subtle factors of mathematical exposition. For example, 
> it is often
> 	desirable to emphasize some of the symmetry or other 
> structure that
> 	underlies a formula, and such things require a solid 
> understanding
> of
> 	exactly what is going on in that formula. 

This is the whole point I was trying to make in the first mail
on the subject (support for 'macro' langauges) and tried to
illustrate with an example concerning displaying mathematics.

Many people already pointed out that formatting mathematics
depends on the page size, line spacing, font size, etc. Therefore
a jade-backend cannot display the content always correctly.
That MathMl or OpenMath or whatever *Math* has support for this
is besides the point. It was meant as an illustrative example and
the same problem may exist for other content.
What is important, i think, and the reactions I got speak for themselfs,
is that there are cases in which the author of the SGML document
might want to pass information to the backend.
I was wondering how to do this in the current version of OpenJade and
keep the number of DSSSL style sheets and constructs like

(case (man? ...)
      (html? ...)
      (sdml? ...)
      (else ...))

to distinguish between the various backend-capabilities as low as


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